HOA Loans

We understand the unique financing needs of Community Associations and realize that each Association has different goals.  We take a consultative approach to understand how you work and design a customized, flexible financing solution.

We work with a variety of Community Associations:
  • Homeowners
  • Condominium/Townhome
  • Co-op Buildings
  • High-rise Buildings
  • Vacation Properties
As communities mature, the need for major repairs or renovations can become a concern. Common projects include roof repair or replacement, pipe repair or coating, and street resurfacing. Associations can opt to borrow the money needed to fund the projects instead of levying what can be a substantial and unfeasible special assessment on its members or depleting reserve accounts. Borrowing the funds and allowing the membership to pay them back over time is often the only practical solution. Associations may also seek lending for the purchase of additional real estate, land leases, or equipment, or to make capital improvements in the community.

Common Association projects that may require customized financing:
  •  Capital maintenance – roof repair or replacement; street resurfacing; plumbing, heating and air conditioning repair or upgrades; windows and other capital     improvements unique to your community.
  •  Purchasing or constructing – clubhouse or recreational facility; underlying land leases, adjacent land and equipment.
  •  Construction defect litigation lawsuits - destructive testing; expert witnesses and attorney fees
  •  Insurance policy premiums
  •  Refinance existing loans
In addition, we offer a full range of deposit products and services tailored to meet the specialized needs of Community Associations.

If you have further questions or would like to get started on a loan application, contact Julie Brutch at 702.471.2037 or hoa@meadowsbank.bank.

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