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At Meadows Bank, we are concerned about the safety of your bank accounts.  That is why we are introducing 2 new services to help protect you from fraud.


"Ever feel like you're being watched?"  Watched over is more like it.  In fact, we're monitoring your ATM and Debit Card transactions - day and night - with a high tech, high touch monitoring solution that protects your accounts using state-of-the-art intelligence technology and skilled fraud experts.  If suspicious transactions are detected, a fraud specialist will attempt to contact you right away. Your card will be disabled immediately if fraud is confirmed, and if you are not available, your card will be assigned a special "watch" status until we know all is well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What hours will the fraud analyst attempt to contact me?
FCC laws prohibit the fraud analyst from contacting you daily before 8 am and after 9 pm in your time zone. If an alert is created before or after these times, the fraud analyst will attempt to contact you the same day or the following day during the approved hours.
How soon will I be contacted when a potentially fraudulent transaction is flagged?
The alerts are presented in the order in which they occur. Alerts are worked in a priority order with high risk transactions being reviewed first. Alerts with lower scores are worked after newer alerts with higher scores.
How many attempts will be made to contact me?
One attempt is made on all phone numbers provided. If there is no answer, the fraud analyst will leave a message. If an alternate number is provided, the analyst will also call the alternate number and leave a message.
Are there steps I can take to notify the Fraud Center of an upcoming trip overseas so the card is not blocked?

Yes, Meadows Bank can place notes in the system for the fraud analyst. We just need to know the area and dates of travel. We suggested that you carry a second form of payment (travelerís cheques, credit cards) in the event your Meadows Bank card is blocked. If the card gets blocked by the Fraud Center, you can call collect (206) 352-3516 internationally, on a 24x7x365 basis to have the block removed. The fraud analyst will take steps to verify your identity. Once you confirm the transactions are legitimate, the fraud analyst will remove the block.

For more questions, please contact us at hereforyou@meadowsbank.com.  This FREE service is just another way that Meadows Bank is here for you.


This FREE[1] service gives Meadows Bank ATM / Debit Cardholders the ability to recieve and respond to text alerts on a number of card transactions.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy enrollment
  • Two-way text communication
  • Enroll up to ten devices
  • Do-Not-Disturb window capability
  • One year enrollment period
  • Supports all major phone carriers

Triggering Transactions


Generates an alert with any approved authorization originating outside the U.S.


Generates an alert with any approved transaction that takes place outside your home state

Greater Than

Generates an alert with any approved transaction greater than the pre-determined daily amount set by Meadows Bank

More Than in 24 Hour Period

Generates an alert for any approved transaction greater than the pre-determined daily number set by Meadows Bank


Generates an alert with any approved authorization at an automated fuel pump

Card Not Present

Generates an alert when an approved transaction was entered into the system manually, reading track one only, or manually keyed and recognized as e-commerce

How Does it Work?

  • After an ATM or Debit Card transaction is initiated and sent to Meadows Bank for authorization, we use sophisticated technology to detect if any of the triggering rules, noted above, are present. When a transaction triggers an alert, the smsGuardian system sends a text message to the mobiile device that you have previously enrolled.  (If you have multiple device enrolled, they all receive the same alerts, text messages, confirmations, etc).
  • Review the text message once you receive it.
  • If the transaction is not legitimate, immediately reply to the text message following the instructions you receive in the original text message.  A unique code will be provided that you will use when replying to the text.
  • Your reply then sets off a series of events to block further transactions from occurring on your card.  A trained fraud analyst will then send you a follow up text message noting that your card has been blocked.
  • You will then need to order a new card from Meadows Bank
  • If the alert is for an authorized transaction that you made, no action on your part is required.

Triggering transactions may be adjusted from time-to-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for using smsGuardian?
No.  Meadows Bank is offering this service FREE[1] of charge at this time.
How long do I have to respond to a text message alert?
When an initial text is sent from smsGuardian, the system allows you up to 12 hours to respond to the message at which point it times out.
Must I use the unique code when replying to the text in order for the system to recognize that the transaction is fraudulent?
Yes.  If you reply to the text message with anything different, such as "yes this is fraud" or "not my transaction", the system will not recognize it and ignore it.
What do I do if the transaction is valid?
If you receive a text alert on a good transaction, simply ignore the text.  No reply from you indicates to the system that the transaction is good.
How do I stop receiving smsGuardian alerts?
Simply reply to an alert by texting STOP.  All cards tied to that phone number will no longer receive text alerts.
How do I enroll in smsGuardian?
Click here to be taken to the enrollment page.  Then accept the terms and conditions and follow the on-screen prompts to enroll your card(s)
Once I enroll, do I have to renew my enrollment?
Yes.  The enrollment period is for 1 year.  You can enroll for multiple 1 year terms in succession.
Can I set my own Do-Not-Disturb window?
We respect your wish not to be bothered, so we allow you to determine time periods when a text should not be sent.  Any alerts generated during your Do-Not-Disturb period will be stored and delivered to you after the cycle ends.  The Do-Not-Disturb period may not exceed 12 hours.

For more questions, please contact us at hereforyou@meadowsbank.com.  This FREE[1] service is just another way that Meadows Bank is here for you.


[1] Message and data rates may apply.  Please contact your wireless provider for more details.


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